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“Vertigo: in whom the goddess shines is a generative art piece which explores the relationship a woman has with her body, her reproduction, her fertility, her sex or the lack of it. It interrogates the dynamics a woman navigates to learn about herself. This art piece is also a double exposure as it is a personal investigation of my own highs and lows and how it can seem like I swing like an actual pendulum sometimes hence the randomness of the piece and the chosen medium:  generative art, which is often very beautiful in its imprecision.”

Work & Process

About the Artist

Afopefoluwa Ojo is a Lagos-based writer and software engineer who experiments with generative art. She is co-founder of Arts and Africa, and co-runs a book club called the Barely Literate. She recently exhibited her digital poetry which she creates with programming languages at the ‘Mind at work exhibition’ which held at the African Artists’ foundation and is currently working on her debut novel and short story collection. Her work has been published in the journals Overland, Experimental Literature Africa vs Latin America Vol. 1, Intense Art Magazine, and others.