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“The project I presented at the #colabnownow were four random images that celebrates the contemporary urban culture, I like vibrant colors, architectural histories and capturing people’s attitudes when I shoot portraits. Three of the images I exhibited were created and Maputo and one from Dar es Salaam. All images are accompanied by poems from a Ghanaian creative Hakeem Adam and UK/ Zimbabwean poet Tanyaradzwa Chitunhu.”

Work & Process

My interpretation to the images


One image can tell more than one story, It just depends from what perspective you are looking the image at, so sometimes it’s just a beautiful view or moment that I find worth sharing with the world or sometimes we go complex coming up with conceptual pieces. For the pieces I shared at #colabnownow all photographs are just to share the beauty found in everyday life of the modern day Africa yet anyone can come up with a different thought.

About the Artist

Andrew Munuwa is a Tanzanian born photographer, freelance graphic designer and graffiti writer. His work is inspired by everyday moments in contemporary urban African life. Munuwa’s work has been featured at various exhibitions in and outside Tanzania, such as the University of Dar es Salaam Talent Fever Exhibition and One word for Africa A photography exhibition by PICHASTOCK. His recent project, Mtaani, Maskani  celebrates and commemorates the stillness of public ceremonies amidst a hectic bustling Dar-es-Salaam city through photography and poetry performance.