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“Negative Space In A Positive Light is a video art project detailing and broadcasting the cycles of anxiety through a sequences of double exposure video sculptures, guided by the narrative of organic sounds, engineered to transport the viewer into the psyche of someone surviving anxiety and depression. The work weaponized sound as the primary narrative device to complement the convergence of various dark and bright colors to form a synesthetic experience of the psychological states. Negative Space In A Positive light was inspired by the Mujahid Series, a series of multiple exposure photographs seeking to investigate psychological and internal states such as anxiety and depression from a pseudo-religious standpoint, using pop art colors and double exposure to create uncertain characters. The works are inspired by the Islamic philosophy of Jihad, which literally translates as to engage in struggle. As such Negative Space In A Positive Light takes you through the internal struggle the artists goes through and how creating work is the perfect remedy for surviving the feelings of drowning that can be. The work was created in Maputo, Mozambique in October 2018 as part of the Colab Now Now residency organized by the British Council and Maputo Fast Forward, with a lot of the sonic and video elements sourced directly from that environment.”

Work & Process

About the Artist

Hakeem Adam is a Ghanaian artist-in-learning and instinctive creative exploring the power of narrative as a tool for deconstructing society through various mediums. He is the founder and creative director of DANDANO, a Pan-African cultural platform for African film and music criticism. His work is fixated on the fabrics of contemporary Ghanaian society, and is exploring ways to unravel the threads that bind through storytelling. He is also a freelance writer documenting and archiving African culture.