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“The headpiece/ Hair art crown was inspired by the past, present and future of hair. I showcased the past by braiding the headpiece since it’s an old hairstyle technique which we still do today and we’re definitely going to do it in the future. The present and the future are represented by the structure and the details of the crown that allow the headpiece to be work as an accessory.”

Work & Process



Hakeem described the work well by saying it is “Architecture of time told through Hair Art”

I collaborated with Hakeem to take images of the crown/headpiece then I collaborated with Max on his project.

About the Artist

Nikiwe Dlova is an artist and storyteller from Soweto, South Africa, who loves expressing herself through hair, fashion, music and art. She studied Clothing Management at the University of Johannesburg. Whilst working at Edcon as an Assistant Buyer, she started a blog called ownURcrown which is about creative hair expression. The blog is a platform for people who are bold and creative with their hairstyle choices to share stories about this form of expression. She is currently managing the brand for ownURcrown, which has expanded to hair art exhibitions and pop up salons. Nikiwe also creates headpieces for productions ie, magazines, music videos, films. She is all about telling stories through hair.