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Nilton Mungamba


“What inspired me for this work and my application for this edition of ColabNowNow was the potentiality to exhibit my view of Maputo City in the illustrations I´ve been doing. With so much talented artists willing to help me up-level my project, I decided to make an interactive application using the illustrations I designed with the help of the artist Will Hurt, who helped me with the coding of the app and interactivity.”

“The result couldn´t be better, and the most exciting and gratifying part was the reaction and feedback of the public in general. Since the topic was based in the city I live in, people automatically understood and connected to the work.”

Work & Process

About the Artist

Nilton Mungamba is a 26 year old architect from Maputo, Mozambique. He is a curious person who likes to explore new methods of expressing ideas and is passionate about creating artworks and digital illustrations. He engages art and illustration as often as he does architectural design which has helped him personally and professionally by allowing for easier communication with clients and deeper creative exploration. Nilton has used illustration as a communication tool that he has been honing from a young age.