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Botanical Geometries

“Created during a ColabNowNow, a 10 day British Council Residency in Maputo Mozambique, Botanical Geometries was made in response to the multiple visual layers that saturate Maputo’s urban scene. Walls and fences layer up against vegetation which in turn occludes irregularly structured homes, apartments and offices. These buildings often display a further layer of bold rectilinear patterned tiles harking back to Maputo’s colonial past.”


Here´s a link to my website, it has a WEBGL version that you can play in your browser (if you´re on a desktop) 🙂

Work & Process



I did not collaborate with anyone specifically on this piece ( I did the code for Nilton’s app ) but would not have been able to make the work without the numerous conversations with the ColabNowNow residents and mentors.

A version of Botanical Geometries is on show at my solo show “Will Hurt – Abstract Playground” at LEVEL, Rowsley, UK. For that version I have collaborated with Floating Points- who provided the sound design.

An iPad version of the app is in the works!

About the Artist

Will Hurt is a UK-based artist who uses computers to create brightly coloured, playful, digital interactives which cater to people of all ages and abilities and respond to the geometry of the physical sites they are installed in, abstracting and re-presenting local architecture and landscape. These site-specific interactives bring people together, forging connections and affording them a moment to play, leaving them with lasting memories of novel playful experiences and a new appreciation of their locality. Will’s work has been exhibited around the world due to its stand-out aesthetic, technical resilience and engaging immediacy.